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Monday, 30 April 2012

Sunshine, Lottie, Gardening, Sewing

The Sun has got his hat on Hip, Hip, Hip, Hooray!!

What a difference a little bit of sunshine makes! No rain today - just for today by the looks of the forecast :[ Today I have done some Gardening at P and C's, cleared the guttering at the back of the house, cut the grass, tidied up the garden, sat and had coffee and read a book outside, went to the Lottie - yeah, planted out Broad Beans, Lettuce, Spring Onions, Radishes. Didn't get everything done at the Lottie that I wanted to but its a start and boy, was it great to be over there.

K has given up smoking, he's done 7 days so far and whilst I'm being as supportive as I can, I just have to say that its hard, I know its harder for him but this is a man who is usually really laid back, I'm now having to deal with a man who is stroppy - comes as quite a bit of a shock, tonight I bit back [how mature of me - not] tomorrow I won't.

I've been cutting up material on my new cutting board with my new rotary cutter - such bliss, I almost don't want to sew the fabric together - I like to see it cut up and stacked up lol. I have made a template of the design that I'm happy with - just need to sew it together now - must measure it first to make sure its the right size!

Ah well - back to rain tomorrow and the huge stack of ironing I have got to do - I'll watch the latest Twilight film whilst ironing - C is insisting that I watch it and nagging me to do so!

H x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Blog reading, cushion, weather

Oh what to do??? I now read and follow so many blogs it would take me forever to read them all daily lol, should I sadly say goodbye to some or should I continue? Sod it, continue I will. I get so much inspiration from you all and I love reading about what everyone is up to.

Cushion - my cutting board and rotary cutter arrived in the post today so guess I'll just HAVE to get some fabric out and practice lol

Weather - its raining AGAIN

Off to do some cutting up now

H x

The Log Cabin: Giveaway!

The Log Cabin: Giveaway!

Pop over to the linky above - a lovely give away to celebrate 6 months of blogging

H x

Friday, 27 April 2012

Ebay, cushion, charity shop, holiday, knitting

Ebay - ordered some material, rotary cutter and a cutting mat today
Cushion - ordered the bits above to make it lol
Charity shopping - K and I went to a nearby small town for a wander around, K bought himself some books, I got a some candles and a Nigella Lawson cookbook and there are chocolate cakes in there to die for!
Holiday - The Sun Newspaper has been running a promo for holidays for £15 each person for a 3 night stay so I got the relevant codes from the MSE site and booked 3 nights to coincide with our holiday in June at Bude. We will stay Fri-Mon at 1 caravan site at Bude and then pack up and move a couple of miles to stay at the other caravan site Mon-Fri. The cost of the caravans has been less than £150 and I don't know of anywhere where you can get a caravan for 1 week for that amount in June in Cornwall. K is absolutely made up and so are the kiddies, just need to persuade Mum to have the dog for another 3 nights.
Knitting - I'm making squares for a blanket for the sofa [to cover it] 3 done 300 to go.

It's rained ALL day here - non stop - poured down

H x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blogger, Spring Clean, recession, sewing,

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day!!! Yes I know we are in drought but. . . .  I'm sick of it raining every blooming day!!! I can't do anything at the Lottie and I really need to, the rain is just making it impossible to plant things as it just doesn't let up for long enough.

I have done a Spring Clean in the Living Room, Dining Room , Hall, Stairs and Landing [all given capital letters cos it was a major job] Cobwebs have been vanished, spiders ran for their lives, dust elephants were took outside and made to fly away, the hoover reached parts its never reached before, old shoes were binned and a cupboard found for those left behind. Unfortunately the charity shop will be getting a big delivery from me quite soon [unfortunately for the staff who will have to wade through the piles of tat I'm giving them]

We are in recession - I didn't know we were out of it, food prices creep up all the time as does petrol and they are our 2 biggest outlays. We can't cut back much more on food and nor can we on petrol so heaven only knows where the extra money will come from. Dave and his pals will surely not get in again next time - I didn't vote for them and nor did anyone I know so how come they are there - remember this period next time we get to vote - make sure you use your vote!

Some of the seeds are coming up that are in the plastic greenhouse - please stop raining so I can get them in the ground.

Lucy at Attic24 has been blogging about a beautiful cushion she has bought - its lovely and bright and pretty and oh I so want one but I can't afford to buy one so I'm going to make one. Some time ago a lady gave me a bag of material [from Freecycle] I never properly looked through it but today I did, there are some lovely bits of material in there and lots of different colours so I'm going to have a go at making a patchwork cushion cover. My sewing skills are not that great so I'll see how it turns out before I take a photo of it.

H x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Well the weather is rubbish at the mo, its blowing really cold and it keeps raining so I can't do anything at the Lottie, I'm fed up with doing housework

We get our leccy and gas from Eon, we pay £91 a month for both, I've no idea if this is high or not but we're happy with it as we have just had our yearly bill and its spot on for what we are paying.

The seeds in the plastic greenhouses are doing nothing - its too cold - I can see myself having to sew some more [for a 3rd time]

I've just printed off some MOC from the MSE site for some bits from Tesco - every little bit helps!!

I've also just printed off a coupon to visit a National Trust place at the weekend, the coupon admits up to 4 people [2 of whom must be over 16] but, and isn't there always a but, C wants to go to her friends on Sunday, so Sunday is out, C and D are meant to be at their Dads on Saturday but I don't think D will go this week, not a prob but if we go out visiting without C that will cause a prob - I feel a little chat with C coming on this evening, she'll either have to miss out a visit on Saturday to Nat.Trust place or miss out on a friends visit on Sunday - she'll have to choose which one.

Kiddies were back to school yesterday - good for them and good for me lol

Right, I'm away to do something - not sure what but something must be better than nothing right??

Oh, nearly forgot to say, I've sent Fostermummy my squares for the knitted blanket so I'm publicly apologising for them now, I'm sure she won't be able to use them as I'm such a bad knitter but she has my full approval to fling them away if they are no good!!

Hi and welcome to my new follower  :]]]]]

H x

Monday, 2 April 2012

March 2012 Update

Broad Beans are still not sprouting but I'll leave them for another week and then dig about in 1 of the pots to see if anything is happening

Potatoes were planted

Tomatoes didn't sprout so I planted some more - less watering is needed for these

Everything else has started to sprout

Hot sunny weather for the last 2 weeks but now its turned cold again and temperatures are due to fall alot and possibly hard frosts - even possibility of snow

Need to set up the plastic greenhouse at home to start off some seeds as its warmer than the greenhouse at the Lottie

H x

Knitting, Ebay and other bits

Mum at Mums Simply Living Blog is organising a Crochet/Knit a Blanket for people in need - pop over and have a look, the more the merrier as they say. It also gets me back into Knitting as I've neglected it lately.
Ebay - I've confused myself with how much I need to make so to make it simple I need to raise £150 by June and £150 by August. Yesterday I had raised £250 but and its a big but, I now only have £50 as I had to transfer £200 to our account as we both failed our MOT's this week and both cars need welding and tyres, I also had to tax my car - £115 so without any work doing the cost was running at £199 - money we don't have so thank goodness for the Ebay account. Now I need to push for sales again - I really need a Free Listing Weekend but as we've just had two on the run I doubt we'll get another one for a while.

Easter School Hols are here, money is non existent so we're doing everything on the cheap. C is going to stay at Nana J's for 2 nights from tomorrow and D will stay at Nanna's on Wednesday night giving K and I a child free night - the whole night!!  Although funds are zilch we are going to the pictures to see The Woman In Black. K and I hardly ever go out anywhere that costs money, we don't eat out or go to fancy places that cost money just to get in so for once we are making the most of our 1 child free evening so there lol.

One trip out will be to Edgewick Farm and we'll feed the pig and walk through the woods, another trip out will be to Stockgrove Park [providing the weather holds]

C came back on Friday from her trip to France with the school. The cost of the trip was £335 and her Dad paid for it, it was well worth the money as they went to some fantastic places and had a great time.

Well that's it for now - must update the Lottie page now

Please leave a comment if you happen to visit
H x