Allotment Diary

Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunday Tea, late night

Yesterday had its good and bad points, we went to tea at Nana's as Auntie J was over for the day, we had a lovely afternoon and evening, came home and C & D eventually went to bed. At 11ish when I went to bed D was crying - he couldn't get to sleep, felt poorly, had earache and had got himself into a right little state. Paracetamol was given to ease his slight temperature and he fell asleep at about 12.45, I'd spent nearly 2 hours sitting on his bedroom floor [space is tiny] and was suffering with a numb bum. This morning I decided not to send him to school and he's full of life whereas I've had a kip!! He thanked me for staying with him - how sweet of a 9 year old boy to think of that and I hope that shows what kind of man he'll grow into.
By contrast C was having a sarky strop as she couldn't find her school locker key this morning and had as always left it till she was leaving to decide to look for it. K was given the full treatment of a nearly 12 years old girl attitude and so off he went to work with the hump - this all amused me as its normally me that gets the attitude, nice to see someone else getting it lol although words will be spoken tonight about it!!

Spring is coming - you can feel it in the air and the nights are drawing out just a little bit, soon be time to start potting seeds - I can't wait

H x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Blog Reading, Ebaying

I've had a busy week listing things to sell on Ebay, we don't have much to sell that is worth any real value but all those 99p sales add up. I'm selling things to raise money so that we can do 2 things - 1. pay for petrol and spends if we manage to book a cheap holiday at St Ives, Cornwall in June and 2. the same for a holiday at Bacton nr Great Yarmouth in August [booked and paid for by Nana] C, D, Nana and I will be going on holiday 2 and K, C, D and I will be going on holiday 1. The Sunday Post are doing an offer for a £10pp per break holiday with a holiday company who have about 150 sites around the UK. I've not heard of them before and can't remember the name of the company. The offer involves buying this weeks and next weeks paper which Nana always gets so thats holiday 2 sorted as it will cost £40 for the 4 of us to have a 4 night break. K is really pleased as we sisn't think we would be able to manage it this year!
Blog Reading - I've been cathing up on my blog reading this week too - I love reading what other people are up to and how they save money, make things or just learning what others do for there days out. I've learnt more about being frugal, crafting and going out cheaply in the last 6 months than at any other time, we've taken full advantage of what I've learnt and we've had many an excursion out somewhere even if its just for a walk that we wouldn't have done before so . . .

Thank You to all the bloggers who have made a difference to us

H x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Half Term

I'm not very good at half term in Feb, its always a testing time as we have no money in Feb and the weather is always rubbish but this time I decided things would be different! This is how we've spent our time this week;
Monday - I made cupcakes and C and D decorated them and then K and I took them shopping, they have saved pocket money and were allowed to take a bit [£5] with them, C bought a bag of bits from Claire's and D bought dart bullets for his Nerf Gun
Tuesday - we went to Bedford shopping again, this time C bought some bits from Primark and D bought a movie for his PSP, all self financed from savings
Wednesday - we went for a walk with Nana at Stockgrove Country Park and had ice creams after. In the evening I treated them to a Movie Night, we went to the DVD hire shop and got Journey to the centre of the Earth, Popcorn and a MacD's got home settled down and watched the film and stuffed our faces.
Thursday - Dentist in the morning and then D went for a sleepover at Nana's and C had a friend round for the evening
Friday - Swimming in the morning and then C went for a sleepover at her other Nana's
Saturday - C and D go to their Dads for the day
Sunday - day of doing not a lot, getting ready for school

C told K that this was an amazing week!!
D told me he'd had an awesome week!!

Roll on Easter hols - we'll be doing more as the weather will be better and we'll get out more, I think I've finally learnt how to do school hols - taken me long enough though

My rechargeable batteries for the camera came today so there will be no stopping me now I hope.

Tomorrow I have to figure out how to put a DVD onto D's PSP, hopefully I'll manage it, I transferred photos and music onto it tonight, I was quite pleased with myself for doing it as I had no idea how to, realised its just like downloading a book onto my Kindle, no wifi hotspots here so it all has to be done manually.

Tomorrow my plans are to do not alot!

Hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend
H x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Harts Giveaway

If you click on the picture of the Rose on the side  ------ then you should go throught to Harts page, she's having a Give-away!! Hart makes lovely bags of all shapes and sizes and has a lovely stash of goodies to pass on.

H x

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Edgewick Farm

 The view as you enter Edgewick Farm [excuse the Pink Mitten]

 Up the hill
 K helping D to take a photo

 Info sign
 Further along the walk

 D trying to decide which way to go
 Christmas card scenes
 I'm the King of the Castle
 Are you hungry
More Sheep than Carrots!!

C decided not to come which is probably right as her Chest Infection would of been aggravated by the cold air, she opted to stay at her Nana's for the afternoon and night.

K is now cooking up a Curry for us for tonight - all homemade, no packet mixes for this man!!

H x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Photos, doctors and sledging

I decided that my blog needed photos, my children need to see the things that happen in their lives as well as read about them so I got out my camera put batteries in it, they weren't "strong" enough for the camera, put in rechargeable ones, they aren't holding the charge anymore, went out and bought stronger ones - still no good!! OK, not a problem as I have the camera on my phone, turned it on . . .  phone camera isn't working and its beyond repair!! Jinxed.  New rechargeable ones ordered and hopefully they will be here quickly. I can't even Ebay the "stuff" that's building up waiting until I have a working camera, very frustrating.

Took C to the Docs today, she has a chest infection, so medicine prescribed along with back up inhalers, good job its half term week now.

Even though C has a hacking cough I decided to take her, D and his best friend M to Willen Peace Pagoda where there are some small hillocks - great for sledging and as the snow is going fast I thought it had better be today as its likely to have gone by tomorrow. They had great fun sledging and snowballing and were soaked after an hour, back home we trundled to have Hot Chocolate with mallows, squirty cream and flake, described by M as awesome, how lovely as its not often I get it right!

Weekend starts tomorrow and K is off for both days, a walk is planned and a visit to B&Q - reduced compost - allotmenteering on the cheap!

H x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

My 1st follower, weather, ironing and coughing

Hello Hart - thank you for following me :] Hart has a lovely blog about the lovely items she makes, inspiring and creative, lovely, lovely sewing!

Its so cold here, barely rising above freezing. The heating is on all day and most of the evening, snow is forecast for tonight, hopefully there won't be too much although C and D would like lots - they want to go sledging, that'll be K's job if we get enough!

I've just spent hours catching up with the ironing, each time I let it build up I swear to myself that I'll do a bit each day - never happens and then I have to spend so much time catching up with it, its a boring thankless task. I know some people don't iron anything but I can't do that, the obsessive side of me likes to see us wearing flattened clothes! I can never get clothes to dry flat even if I shake the life out of them! Still at least it keeps me warm in the winter.

C is having her second day off school and will be off tomorrow too, she has a chesty, hacking cough and is prone to Seasonal Asthma so it means that when she gets a cough or cold we have to keep her off for a day or two if it looks like a nasty one so that is doesn't develop into an infection that will bring on the Asthma. I tried to get her into the Docs today but her Doctor was off so I'll be phoning at 8 tomorrow to get her in and a new inhaler prescribed - hopefully.

D had his 9th birthday party on Tuesday night, his birthday was in November!! We couldn't afford a party then so he's patiently waited till now. I took him and 7 friends to MacD's and then to Quasar [Laser gun thingy place] They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a great time. He's already planning his next and final party lol.

H x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow, Puberty and Crochet

Wow, what a title - talk about a mix of things to say.

Snow is starting to melt away slowly, C and D are out there building things, DS is building a snowman and C is building an igloo, photos will be taken.

C is suffering the pangs of puberty, crying, stroppy, high, low etc. Its all very confusing and frustrating for her. Its testing the patience of everyone!

I can't crochet, more wool has been flung across the room that ever. I can't get my fingers to do what they should be doing and I can't follow tutorials written or on you tube. Its very annoying!!

Off to do some more washing, drying and ironing - the never ending tasks!!

H x

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Its Snowing

How excited - very excited
Who's excited - I'm excited


I love the snow and I've been wittering on to K for ages about how much I want it to snow. We've food, we've warmth, what more could we need.

Ebaying items at the moment, 3 will sell tomorrow, hopefully others will get a bid on them, its all in the aid of petrol money for our holiday in August

H x

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Time to move on..

A year ago today C and D's Grandad passed away. C is distraught D is quiet. We're visiting his grave tonight after school and putting flowers [daffs] there and C has made some felt Roses to go there too. At the end of Feb all anniversaries connected with the last year will have been done, time to move on.....

H x